Why it's important

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By 2040 there will be up to 3 million more people living in the Thames Water region. This is the same as the combined populations of Birmingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh. We have to look to the long term and plan resources and infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing population.

Energy prices continue to increase so we need to be innovative in how we use energy, and also create it – we can generate energy by heating sludge (a by-product of wastewater treatment).

Our weather is changing, we’re seeing more short, sharp storms in the summer and wetter winters that can cause flooding to our customers and the areas in which they live. Our storm forecasting technology helps us be better prepared.

Recent events have shown how seriously we can affect our customers when things go wrong such as large pipe bursts causing widespread damage and disruption and discharges from our wastewater treatment works polluting rivers.

We’re in a digital age where customer expectations are high – we need to make sure our systems and services are ready to meet your needs.