Our customer charter

Last reviewed:

Customers told us what they think by taking part in surveys and workshops.

We’ve carried out research, analysed customer calls, and ‘listened’ on social media. This has given us a good picture of what you think of our ideas, what you need and expect from us and what you’re prepared to pay for.

You’ve told us we should be open and direct and treat you as an individual when we contact you. You also told us this contact should be effortless.

We’re developing a charter for customers that will set out our clear promises. It will be bold, ambitious and do more than we need to do under regulations.

We do what we say we'll do. We always make a commitment as to when we will resolve your issue. We keep you informed. So you don't have to chase us. We tell you when it's all sorted. 
We make it easy. It's simple to find out what to do and who to contact and you can contact us 24/7. No jargon, we keep it straightforward. Giving us feedback and making a complaint is easy to do.
We walk in our customer's shoes. You know who's owning your issue to resolution. We tailor our response to your circumstances. We will provide additional help for those who are in vulnerable circumstances or have special needs.


Our promises to you

We've taken the charter and developed these promises that we'd like to make to you.

If there’s an emergency (e.g. you have no water or there’s a severe leak or flood)

  • We’ll investigate within 2 hours
  • We’ll aim to get things working again within 4 hours

If there’s work to be done but it isn’t an emergency

  • Let us know before 2pm and we will investigate the same day
  • We’ll aim to get things working again on the same day as we investigate

Sometimes we need to do more after our first visit

  • We’ll contact you within 24 hours after our investigation to update you
  • For anything else we’ll give you updates as little or often as you require

If you contact us with a routine query (e.g. about your bill)

  • We’ll resolve your telephone query during the first phone call
  • We’ll resolve your web or email queries within 2 days

If you contact us with a complex query (i.e. that needs further investigation work)

  • We’ll assign a case manager to help you and they will agree the timescale for resolving things with you