What customers want

We constantly listen to our customers so that we understand their views and priorities for the services we provide both now and in the future.

It’s essential that we listen and ensure that our plans meet our customers’ needs and provide improvements in areas that are most important to them.

What you've said

What our customers want can be summarised into a number key messages under five long-term priorities.

Download the pdf below to watch customers tell us what’s most important to them.

Be proactive

  • Maintain the service and prevent failure
  • Pre-empt customers’ needs

Be personal

  • Treat customers as individuals
  • Tailor the service

Make it effortless

  • Don't give customers cause to contact us
  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Contacting Thames Water is easy

Be dependable

  • Allow customers to take the service for granted
  • When things go wrong there should be minimal disruption so customers barely notice

Be transparent

  • Provide useful, relevant information
  • Communicate clearly
  • Maintain the system to ensure reliability
  • Provide high quality water that is safe to drink
  • Provide a constant water supply
  • Fix leaks (they are wasteful and suggest poor maintenance)
  • Help with leaks on customers' pipes
  • Provide water at good pressure
  • Help with hard water
    • Maintain the system to ensure reliability
    • Reduce the risk of sewer flooding
    • Support customers who suffer sewer flooding
    • Help with blockages on customers’ pipes
    • Ensure long term resilience 
    • Ensure there is enough water available in the future
    • Help customers to use less water
    • Ensure the wastewater system can cope in the future
    • Help customers prevent sewer blockages
    • Protect the service against future hazards

    Affordable bills

    • Make charges affordable
    • Share the cost
    • Keep bills stable
    • Support low income customers
    • Meet the needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances

    Protect and enhance the environment

    • Improve the quality of rivers
    • Avoid pollution 
    • Use renewable energy but don’t charge extra

    In the local community

    • Contribute to the local community
    • Provide access to the environment
    • Minimise the inconvenience of roadworks 
    • Minimise the impact of our sites 
    • Reduce odour
    • Be an ethical and transparent company