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Pay by direct debit?

Bill payer's address

This bill is sent to the address of the bill payer, for the property detailed below the total amount.

If you are not the bill payer for this property, please let us know.

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Account holder details

These are the account holder details which you'll need to hand if you ever need to speak to us, or manage your account online.

For your security, we can only discuss your bill with you if you are a named account holder.

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Account summary

This shows the total amount that you owe. As you don't have a meter, you're billed for the whole year upfront.

Don't worry, you don't have to pay the whole amount now. You can split the cost of your bill into manageable amounts. The easiest way to do this is by Direct Debit, it's really quick to set up, and you can do it online.

Set up a Direct Debit

Sometimes your account may show a credit balance as it includes payments you've made since your last bill.


Bill details

This shows the period covered by your bill, the address of the property the bill has been raised for (this could be different to the mailing address at the top of the bill) and whether the bill is for water and/or sewerage services.

We send all our customers without a meter a bill once a year – this will be before April, and cover your charges for the full year, until the end of the following March.

If your bill covers two charge periods it will be calculated using current and previous years' rates.

If you move into or out of a property part way through the year, you’ll pay a proportion of that year’s charges for the amount of time you lived there.

Don't forget to turn your bill over - it shows exactly how we've calculated it.


Summary of what you need to pay and by when

This covers the cost of your water and wastewater services for the period mentioned above.

No action is needed if you pay by Direct Debit - please see the list on your bill for when your payments will be taken.

Advice if you need to make a payment

Don't forget to tell us if your bank details change.

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How we can help

We’ve a wide range of online services available to help you manage your account 24 hours a day, at a time that suits you:

You can also pay your bill using our automated phone system, open 24 hours a day on 0800 980 8800.

Online you can also:


How we work out your bill

Fresh water supply

If you don't have a water meter, a set charge for the year is calculated by multiplying the chargeable value of your property by the tariff we charge for your water and waste water. The tariff depends on where you live and is expressed as pence in the pound. To see what this year's charges are for your area take a look at our unmetered charges leaflet.

For example if your property's rateable value is £182 and you live in the Barnet area and the pence per pound rate is 81.11, your charge will be:

£182.00 x 81.11p = £147.62
Chargeable value (£) x tariff = Thames Water supply charge

Fixed charge

The fixed charge is calculated based on the diameter of your pipe. It covers some of our general customer service costs that do not change with the amount of water you use, and the costs of removing and treating your waste water.

The annual fixed charge is divided into the number of days in the year. The number of days covered by your bill determines how much of the fixed charge is payable.

Assessed household charge

If we were unable to fit a water meter at your property, you may have opted to pay the Assessed Household Charge, which is linked to the size of your home, or a single-occupier tariff if you live alone

We always make sure you pay the cheapest unmeasured tariff if we find we can’t fit a meter for you. Read more about the Assessed Household Charge


Account activity

This gives you a breakdown on what's happened with your payments since your last bill.

This breakdown includes any credit transfers or adjustment we have made, which could include:

  • We have given you a Customer Guarantee Scheme payment
  • A payment has been transferred from a previous account

Set up a Direct Debit
Pay by debit or credit card
Set up a payment plan

We can also help you if you are having difficulty paying your bill:

More about help


Extra care services

We offer a number of free services for customers who need extra help. More detailed information is available in the following leaflet.

Getting extra help

If you would like tell us about your own circumstances or learn more about our extra care services please print out the form below and send it to Thames Water Utilities Ltd, PO Box 234, Swindon SN38 3TW:

Extra care request


Managing your account

If you need to update your details, tell us you're moving, or change your bank details, you can do this 24 hours a day online.

Manage your account

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Take a look at the information and advice we provide for household customers in our Code of Practice.