Consumption data

Consumption data

To help customers understand their water usage we have three consumption data services available to customers, retailers and water service intermediaries.

Data protection

With all of the services that we provide that are outlined below, you’ll need to comply with all relevant data protection legislation and codes of practice. Any data we supply is in full compliance with data protection laws and you'll need authorisation from the customer to collect data.

If you’re aware of any breach of all relevant data protection legislation and codes of practice you must tell us immediately.

Providing smart meter reads

To help retailers accurately bill customers, we can provide retailers with meter reads from our digital meters in AMI mode.

You can choose from following three options

  1. a read requested on an ad-hoc basis
  2. a read provided every month
  3. a read provided every 6 months

Accessing digital meter data

We install digital meters for all new or replacement meter requests. If meters are located within London and in our wide area network we’re able to provide a digital meter data service. When we receive your service request form, we’ll check the location of the meter and let you know if we can provide digital data for it.

If we’re unable to provide a smart digital data service you can gather data from the digital meter by using automatic meter read (AMR) mode.

Water services intermediaries need to include evidence of customer authorisation when submitting a service request form.

Providing consumption data from our loggers

We can provide data from our loggers on a monthly basis or historical data for a particular time period.

Water services intermediaries need to include evidence of customer authorisation when submitting a service request form.

Installing your own data logger

You can attach your own consumption monitoring equipment (logger) to one of our meters but you’ll need to make sure that it doesn’t affect our existing equipment in any way. Please use our data logger installation guidance to help you understand what is needed. If you’re uncertain, please contact us.

You’ll need to show that you have authorisation from your customer before attaching equipment to the meter. If you’re unable to fit your own logging equipment, we may be able to provide you with a consumption data service or, alternatively, you may need to install a private sub-meter.

This service is not available where a digital meter has been installed or if the meter is not pulse enabled.

When you have fitted a logger, please let us know so that we can update the Central Market Operating System.

Fitting splitters for data loggers

If you’re fitting a data logger to our meter and it needs a splitter, you can ask us to install the splitter equipment for you. Depending on what’s involved, we’ll either visit your customer to fit the splitter or arrange a site survey to check what’s needed. When the splitter has been fitted, we’ll let you know that the work has been completed.

Charges and terms and conditions

There’s a charge for all of the services outlined above. You can find more information about charges for any of the services listed in our wholesale tariff document. Full terms and conditions can be found on the service request form.

More information

For more details please see our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document or please contact us.

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