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How you are billed

You're responsible for paying water charges if you live in a property in our supply area. Find out more about bill responsibility.

Every year, we follow guidance from our regulator Ofwat on our charges. We also consult CCW, the voice for water consumers.

Your bill is then worked out based on the charging rules and service you receive from us.

On average our charges went up by 12.3% on 1 April 2024. This includes inflation, which is affected by energy prices. It also includes adjustments for our past performance.

You can view where your money goes when you pay your bill.

How different customers are billed

We go through how each of our customers are billed from unmetered, metered and wastewater.

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Unmetered customers

As you don't have a water meter, we'll work out your clean and wastewater charges based on the rateable value of your property.

View unmetered charges

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Metered customers

Every six months, we'll send you a bill that covers the supply of clean water and the treatment of wastewater.

View metered charges

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Wastewater customers

Depending on where you live and who supplies your tap water, you might receive a combined bill or two separate ones. 

View wastewater charges

Extra help when you need it

We can help provide you with financial support and extra help when you need it. 

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Financial support

Our financial and debt support schemes are available to help you pay your bill.

Get financial support

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Extra support

Our Priority Services Register can help provide a little extra support. 

View our Priority Services