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Understand your bill

We know it’s important to be sure that your bill is correct.

This information will explain how your charges are calculated.

What your charges cover

We charge you separately for clean water, which comes out of your taps, and wastewater, which goes down your drains.

Your clean water charges pay for:

  • Sourcing and storing water
  • Treating and delivering water to your home
  • Maintaining our network of reservoirs, treatment works, pumping stations and pipes

Your wastewater charges pay for:

  • Removing wastewater and delivering it to our treatment works
  • Cleaning wastewater and returning it safely to the environment
  • Building and maintaining sewer pipes

We also add a fixed charge to cover our essential running costs.

How your bill is calculated

How we calculate your bill will depend on whether you have a water meter. If you’re not sure whether you have one, you can check your bill. If you don’t have a bill to hand, you can find them all in your online account.

We adjust our bills every year to cover the costs of operating and inflation. We set our charges in line with the charging rules issued by our financial regulator, Ofwat. Learn more. 

Select the option below for more information on how your charges are calculated. You can also learn more about what to do if your bill is higher than you expected.

I have a water meter

I don't have a water meter

Where the money goes

When you pay your bill, the money helps us to deliver life’s essential service. It also helps us to make important investments in our network and local communities.

Learn more about how we’re investing.

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