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We’re working hard to deliver great value

Every time you pay your bill, the money helps us deliver life’s essential service. It also allows us to make important investments in our network and local communities.

Each year we reinvest around £1bn into improving our network. We’re the UK’s biggest water company, so it’s our duty to protect our major water source, the River Thames. Our large-scale projects, such as the Thames Tideway Tunnel and the Guildford Sewage Treatment Works relocation, are transforming our water and sewer networks to protect the environment and better serve our customers.

Where your money goes

A diagram illustrating how each pound we spend is made up.

25p on our essential services

As the UK’s largest water company, we deliver and recycle billions of litres of water, every single day.

16p on our team

From engineers in the field to scientists in the lab, our 7,100-strong team works together to keep your water flowing.

7p on the government

We paid over £154 million in business rates and employer's national insurance contributions in 2020/21.

10p on our lenders

To invest in our network, we borrow money at efficient rates while keeping your bills as low as we can.

4p on reinvestment

We reinvest to improve our service to you.

6p on powering our sites

We currently generate more than 20% of our own energy to help protect the environment.

32p on infrastructure

This includes 3p for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which will divert millions of tonnes of sewage from the River Thames when it goes into operation.

How our charges are changing this year

All water and utility companies tend to raise their prices every year. This is to cover the rising costs of operating and inflation. But this isn’t the only thing that affects how our charges might change.

Another factor is targets. Every water company is set targets by our regulator Ofwat. If we don’t meet these targets we’re given financial penalties. We pay these by reducing your charges. You can learn more about how we're performing in our annual report.

We’d like to help you keep your bills as low as possible. If you’re worried they’re too high, you’ll find advice on our help pages.