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Our five-year plan from 2020 to 2025

Over the last few years, we’ve gathered insight from over one million customers on a broad basis to understand their overall priorities for water and wastewater services. We then went through further consultation stages before asking for customer feedback on specific areas of the plan. We used a variety of channels for our customer engagement, including roadshows, a digital campaign across our social channels as well as a local forum and leaflets.

If you have any queries, would like further information or want to see any more of our PR19 documents, please email our strategic business team.

Blind Year Adjustment

The PR19 Final Determination published by Ofwat in December 2019 was issued before the end of the 2019-20 reporting year. This is known as the ‘Blind Year’.

To update the forecasts used in the PR19 Final Determination for actual 2019-20 performance, Ofwat issued a consultation on the required Blind Year Adjustment on 28 September 2020. Our response to that consultation (published on 19 October 2020) can be found at the link below.

Ofwat will be publishing their final Blind Year Adjustment decision documents by mid-November 2020.

Previous plans

Every five years, we as a business go through a process called the price review, during which we formulate our plans for the next five years and a limit is set for customer bills during that period, approved by our regulator Ofwat.