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Website accessibility

The following statement applies to all content available on the domain. It does not apply to content on Thames Water subdomains, for example, or third-party content or websites linked on the website.

What you can do on our website

We’re committed to delivering a website that’s easy to use and accessible for everyone.

When accessing our website, you should be able to:

Text size icon

Change the text size by zooming or changing your browser settings.

Text icon

Read text clearly against background colours used on webpages.

Grayscale icon

Improve colour perception on webpages with a colour enhancer extension or remove all colour with a grayscale extension.

Keyboard icon

Navigate our website and skip main content using a keyboard.

Listening icon

Listen to most of the website using a screen reader or screen reader extension.

Translation icon

Translate web pages with Google Translate extension

Please note that most extensions will require you to use a Chrome browser. Google has a helpful guide on how to use Chrome with accessibility extensions.

AbilityNet has advice on how to make your device easier to use if you have a disability.

Website compliance 

The website is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.2 AA standard. We will continue to base accessibility for the website on these guidelines.

You can view our website's terms and conditions, privacy notice and cookies policy online.

Non-accessible areas

Areas of the website may not be fully accessible such as:

  • Some pages and documents not written in plain English
  • Inconsistent heading structures on some webpages
  • Documents in less accessible formats such as as PDFs
  • Zoom limit and keyboard navigation on our report a problem page
  • Some links not being clear out of context
  • Alt text missing from some images

What we're doing to improve accessibility

In addition to our plan to fix known issues, we will continue to improve and review the website’s content, design, accessibility, and structure. We will prioritise improving the websites accessibility based on customer demand and need.

Fixing some of the accessibility areas would be less of a priority due to the area either being retired soon or replaced with an updated version.  

Extra support

We have a range of support options available to help you contact us and read your bill.

A lady reads a large print bill

Alternative bill format

You can get your bills in braille, large text and on a coloured background. We can also read your bill over the phone or email it to you.

View Priority Services

A Thames customer service agent on the phone

Extra help contacting us

If you have hearing or speech difficulties or English is not your first language, we offer a range of ways to help getting in touch with us easier.

View contact help

This page was last updated on 15/05/2024 and will be updated regularly as accessibility is improved on the website.