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Priority Services

We want to maintain a high standard of care for our customers.

If you or someone you know needs a little extra support, our free Priority Services Register can help us to understand your situation so we can take it into account as best we can.

Carers, friends, or family can register on behalf of someone they think could benefit from extra support.

Sign up for Priority Services

The Priority Services Register can support you if the following applies:

You are living with a:

  • disability or chronic health condition
  • condition that effects your life such as dementia

  • medical condition including difficulty hearing, Deaf or deaf, blind, or partially sighted

  • mental health condition

  • mobility constraints

  • risk of developing further needs due to older age (i.e. if you are a pensionable age)

  • child under five


Your situation requires:

  • a consistent supply of water for a medical condition
  • translation or help to understand communications from us

  • extra support due to a life-changing event like bereavement

  • us to understand your situation so we can take it into account as best we can

How Priority Services can help

Once you join the scheme, we can help you with:

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Easier to read bill

We can provide your bill in braille, large print, on a coloured background or read it over the phone.
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Choose someone you trust

You can have someone else as our point of contact in an emergency.
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Extra security measures

Our doorstep password scheme gives you assurance on when we will visit your property.
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Dedicated phone number

Priority Service customers have a dedicated phone number for extra assistance.
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Help in an emergency

During a pipe burst near your property, we will try to call you to make sure you are okay.
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Bottled water

If your water goes off and you are unable to leave the house, we will provide bottled water for customers dependent on water for medical needs.

Contact us for extra support 

We make sure the range of services we offer to customers who need extra help is effective and accessible. To do this, we work with third-sector and statutory organisations. Please contact us if you need extra help and we can discuss your options. Ofcom also provides advice on communication services available for customers needing extra support. 

Dialysis at home

If you receive dialysis at home:

  • We'll give you more notice before we turn off your water supply during planned work.
  • During emergencies, you'll also receive additional support and advice.
  • If the water supply hasn't been restored and you need dialysis, please contact your Home HD team / hospital you usually attend.
  • During the night or on a weekend, you will need to use the out of hours protocol.

How to prepare for interruptions

We provide extra help and support during interruptions and have created a list of what you can do before, during and after an incident. 


Updating / cancelling your Priority Services

By joining our free Priority Services, we can provide you with additional and tailored support. You can update your details or leave Priority Services at any time.

Processing your data

We follow strict guidelines as outlined in our Priority Services Data Protection document to safeguard your personal information.

Support from other utilities

Once you've registered for our Priority Services, we'll let your energy provider know, so you can get their support too.

Learn more about UK Power Networks, Scottish and Southern, SGN and National Grid priority services.  

You can find out about services available from telecom providers on Ofcom's website.

Organisations we recommend for support

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Dementia UK

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Dementia UK website
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Macmillan Cancer Support

Physical, financial and emotional support to everyone living with cancer.

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Mental health support and respect.

Mind website
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Kidney Care UK

Practical, emotional and financial help for everyone living with kidney disease.

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