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Metered customers

How we bill you if you have a meter

How you're charged

If you have a water meter at your home, we’ll bill you based on exactly how much water you use. This gives you more control over how much you pay.

We read your meter once a year unless you have a smart meter, which gives us an automatic reading every day. We’ll send you a bill every six months to cover what you’ve used.

If you don’t have a smart meter yet, or your latest bill is based on an estimate, please send us a meter reading. The more regularly you send us readings, the more accurate your bill will be.

What you'll pay in 2020/2021

Your 2020/21 bill shouldn’t have changed too much, unless you’ve used lots more or much less water than last year. If your bill seems more expensive, we’re always on hand to help you try new ways to save water and money.

Want to know what we spend your money on? Find out where your money goes.

Just in case you have more questions, we've put together a guide to explain.

Don’t forget that if your bill covers the period before 1 April 2020, we'll have used our 2019/20 charges to work out what you need to pay.

Common billing questions