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Be a water saving hero

You might know roughly how many pints of milk you use a day, but do you know how much water you get through? We live in a seriously ‘water stressed region’ and every drop saved can help protect our supply.

The average amount of water used by one person in our region, every day, is 146 litres (that’s 257 pint bottles of milk). But to ensure we don’t run out in the future; we need to reduce this to 125 litres. Check out our water saving calculator to find out how you can save.

A lady waters some flowers with a watering can

Average daily use for one person

146 litres = 28 watering cans

A shallow bath

Average daily use for a family of four

584 litres = 7 baths

How we're helping to save water

To help find and fix leaks quicker, we've invested in artificial intelligence (AI). We’re also working round the clock fixing leaks and upgrading our pipework.

Water saving tips

Saving water is win-win. Our range of water saving tips can help you use less energy and water, plus it's good for the environment too.

A person fills a watering can from a water butt

Everyday tips come rain or shine

We go through how you can save water in your home no matter the weather.

Water saving tips

watering can

Top water-saving tips for spring

Spring has sprung with our water-saving tips to help you save water. 

Tips for spring

It's everyone's water

Use our water saving calculator to check your water use. If you, or someone you know needs extra support, we have a range of services that can help.

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Water saving calculator

Try our online calculator to see how much water and energy you use each year.

Check your water usage

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Extra support

If you or someone you know needs water to manage a medical condition, join our Priority Services.

Get extra support