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Installing meters in our region

We’re fitting free water meters for all customers to help save water as part of our metering programme. This is because our region is classified as ‘seriously water-stressed’. The Water Industry Act 1991 enables us to meter properties in water-stressed areas. 

Locations of meters being fitted

By 2030, most customers will have a smart meter. Around 2 million customers are already metered. This year we plan to install 78,00 meters. We’re working hard fitting meters in:

  • London
  • Swindon
  • Guildford
  • Waverley
  • Oxford
  • Reading

If you live in London, you’ll get a smart meter showing your exact water usage. We’ll aim to read your meter every 6 months. If you have a mechanical meter fitted, we’ll bill you on an estimated reading based on your water use. 

More than 28,000 smart meters will be installed in Wandsworth

For anyone outside of London, it won’t be a smart meter just yet. We’ll let you know when yours is smart-enabled. You can request a meter right away in your online account. You'll then be able to skip the comparison period. 

Where we'll fit your meter

We'll always aim to fit your meter outside of your home. However, in some circumstances we may have to fit it inside your property. We go through the difference between the two:

Photograph of a technician looking at a water meter

Outside your property

We'll always aim to fit your meter outside your home in the pavement. This is so we can read and maintain it without having to disturb you. We'll conduct a survey to check if we can fit your meter outside.

Once we have permission from the local highways to work there, we'll come back to fit the meter. You won’t need to be in when we do this. We’ll write to you a week or so before we start working on your street.

We'll first visit to dig a hole and put a meter box in the ground. A few days later we'll come back and fit your meter. We may need to turn your water off for a few minutes, we'll let you know if you're in. 

An image of an internal smart meter

Inside your property

This will be an arranged appointment with you. If we’ve asked you to request an appointment, you can book your appointment online. You’ll need the reference number from the top of your letter. 

On our visit, we’ll look for where the meter could go and show you what it looks like. The appointment to fit your meter will take around an hour. We may need to turn your water off for a few minutes.

Once it's fitted, we'll leave you a leaflet with information on your meter and how to save water, energy, and money. 

What happens once your meter is fitted 

Once we’ve fitted your meter, we’ll check remotely for leaks before activating it. We’ll write to you when it's activated. This normally happens within 90 days but may take longer. When the meter is activated, your one-year comparison period will start. You won’t be switched to a metered bill until after this time has passed. 

We’ll send you regular updates on:

  • How much water you’re using
  • What your future bills will be
  • Advice if your bills look like they’ll be more than you pay today

If you only want to receive communications by email, be sure to create an online account. In your online account, you can also see your daily usage.

How you’ll be billed

We’ll automatically switch you to metered bills. You’ll receive a final, unmetered bill and your first metered bill on our metered tariff six months’ later. If you pay in installments, your plan will remain in place and any changes to the amount will be confirmed. You can set up a payment plan and monthly Direct Debits payments.  

Switch to metered bills early

If your metered bills look like they’ll be cheaper than you currently pay, you don’t need to wait. If you switch early, we’ll even credit your account with any money you would have saved if you’d switched on day one. The credit will be dated from the activation date of your meter.

Time to switch

After one year, if you haven’t already switched to a metered bill, we’ll move you over. You’ll get your final unmeasured bill, and then your first metered bill six months later. If you pay in instalments, these will stay in place and we’ll confirm any change to how much you pay. If you don’t already have a Direct Debit, you can set one up in your online account. It’s a hassle-free way to pay your bills. 

Estimated bill for a metered customer 

Our table of metered charges will help give you a better understanding of what your annual metered bill could be. A metered bill is calculated based on how much water you use and the amount of wastewater we take away. 

Metered bills also include fixed charges. These cover some of our essential running costs, like maintaining pipes and handling enquiries.

Typical usage

Number of occupants








Out of the house for majority of the day and takes occasional showers.














Use the washing machine and dishwasher on most days and takes longer showers.














At home majority of the day, takes daily baths or power showers and regularly uses water for the garden.