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Water meters

We aim to read your meter once a year. Unless you have a smart meter that sends us readings automatically every hour.

You can submit a meter reading in your online account. Submitting regular readings help to:

  • Keep your account up to date
  • Track your water usage
  • Make sure you're only charged for the water you've used
  • Detect possible leaks 

We have a handy guide on how to read your meter and where to find your water meter.

Submit a meter reading

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An image of an internal smart meter

Get a water meter

Join over 2 million customers who are already enjoying the benefits of a free water meter.

Request a water meter

A Thames worker fits a meter in the street

Installing meters in our region

If you’ve been contacted about getting a meter, you can find out more about the programme on our webpage.

View metering programme

A customer reads a meter in the street

Water meters explained

We go through frequently asked questions (FAQs) you have about our water meters.

View our meter FAQs

A Thames worker removes a meter from a boundary box in the street

Move your water meter

Our step-by-step guide goes through how you can move your water meter at your property.

View meter move guide