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Moving home

Moving home

Let us know about your move, whether you're:

  • a new customer needing to set up an account
  • a current customer moving home within our region, or
  • moving out of our supply area altogether.
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Moving into our area

You can check if your home is in our supply area by using the Water UK postcode checker.

Once your new account is all set up, you’ll be able to register for an online account too. Visit our registration page. Having an online account enables you to go paperless and view your bills, payment and transaction history. You can also manage your details and more, all on our website.

If your new property has a water meter, you should receive your first bill within six months of moving in. We'll aim to read your meter at least once a year and will send you a bill every six months.

If your new property doesn't have a water meter, we'll send you your first bill within six working days. This will be calculated from the date you moved in and will run up to 31 March the following year. Unmetered bills are sent out every February/March and show the charges for the next year (1 April to 31 March).

Once you've opened your new account with us, why not set up a Direct Debit to make your monthly payments to us?

Already a customer?

If you're already one of our customers and you're moving, you can let us know by completing our online form:

When letting us know about your move, you will need to provide:

  • Your account number (printed at the top of your bill)
  • Your new address
  • The date you're moving out
  • The meter reading of your property (if the property is metered)
  • Your contact details

Before you move out

If your property is metered, please provide a water meter reading on the day you move out. Once we have all the details of your move, we'll send you a closing bill statement within six working days.

You can give us your meter reading in our moving home form. You can let us know the forwarding address for your final bill at the same time.

Are you a landlord, tenant or student?

We've pulled together some specific guidance to help you move.

Tell us you’re moving

If you still need any further help, please contact us.

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