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Water and waste help

We have lots of advice on tackling water and waste issues at home, from low water pressure to sewer flooding. 

You can also report a range of problems online including:

  • Leaks
  • Blockages
  • Sewer flooding
  • Site issues
  • Broken manhole covers
  • Pollution

Report a problem

A customer fixes a leaky loo

Water supply help and advice

We have a range of water help and advice available for any water problems you may have.

No water coming from bathroom tap

No water or low pressure

What to do if your water suddenly stops, or you’re having issues with your supply.

View water pressure help

Plumber fixing a leak


Advice on leaks, from dripping taps and leaky loos at home, to burst water mains on the street.

View leak help

A burst pipe

Frozen or burst pipes

During extreme weather, the pipes in your home may freeze or thaw causing a crack or burst.

View burst pipe help

Person turning off stop tap

Turning your water on or off

If you're doing some plumbing or have a leak, you'll need to turn off the water using the stop valve.

Find your stop valve

Kitchen tap

Water quality

Find advice on water quality, including hard water, lead pipes and smelly or discoloured water.

View water quality

Waste help and advice

We have a range of waste help and advice available for any waste problems you may have.

A hand putting a wipe in a bin


Make sure you know how to avoid blockages at home. If you do get one, we have advice on what to do about it.

View blockages help

Flooded manhole from sewer flooding

Sewer flooding

Find out more about sewer flooding, what causes it and who's responsible for cleaning it.

View sewer flooding help

Thames Water engineers lifting a manhole cover

Manhole covers

Learn who's responsible for which manhole covers, so you can report any that are broken or missing.

View manhole cover help

Rat eating seeds


Find out what to do if you see rodents, such as rats, from our sewers in or around your property.

View rodent help

Family feeding the ducks and swans on a river


If you see pollution in our rivers, let us know so we can minimise impact to our environment and wildlife.

Report pollution

Contact us

For help with your water or waste, we have a variety of topics you can contact us about. You can view what happens when you contact us about your water or waste, on our water and waste page.