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Report pollution

See it. Report it. Protect it.

Our rolling rivers and meandering streams are a precious resource that we can all help protect.

If you see something wrong, the quicker you tell us, the faster we can investigate and minimise impact on wildlife and the environment.

Report pollution

Signs of water pollution

If you notice any of the following, it could be a sign of pollution:

sewage solids icon

Human waste or sewage water

blue loo roll icon

Toilet paper, condoms or sanitary products

blue soap suds icon

Soap-suds or a milky-looking discharge

blue water drops icon

Grey coloured water

blue sewage smells icon

Noticeable sewage smells

blue dead fish icon

Dead or distressed fish

If the pollution has been caused by a problem with our network, we'll get it fixed as soon as possible. We report all known pollution incidents to the Environment Agency.

We're working hard to reduce pollution

By 2025, we’ve committed to reducing the number of pollution incidents in our area by 30%. To help us achieve this, we’ve developed a detailed Pollution Incident Reduction Plan.

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