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Found a leak? Whether out in the street or at home, it's important to fix leaks fast so we save more water.  

Find out what to do when you discover a leak and who should fix it. 

Check leak responsibility


Customer fixes leaky toilet

Leaks at home

Leaks in or on your property are your responsibility.

Our step-by-step guide advises what to do when you get a leak at home. This includes identifying leaks, checking pipe responsibility and arranging repair. 

It also covers telling us your leak is fixed, claiming leak allowance and what happens if you don't fix your leak.

Tackle leaks at home

Thames Water engineers on site fixing a leak

Leaks on public pipes

We look after the public water pipes under roads and pavements.

Over 95% of leaks are never seen by customers as they’re often deep underground. Our field teams work 24/7 to locate as many leaks as possible.

On average, we're fixing more than 1,000 leaks per week. You can help us by reporting public leaks when you see them.

View our leak repair process

A man in a British Gas uniform working at a sink with the tap running

Stay protected against leaks with Plumbing and Drains cover

More than a million customers trust British Gas to fix leaks, drips and lots more. Join them with expert Plumbing and Drains cover for just £4.50 a month*.

  • Unlimited repairs and call-outs
  • Access to thousands of trusted engineers
  • No hidden costs with all parts and labour included

Get covered today

£4.50 a month for the first year. Homeowners and new customers only. £60 excess per completed repair. Terms and exclusions apply, see website for full details.



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