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Pipe responsibility

Our pipes

We're responsible for the water mains that carry water around our region. We’re also responsible for the communication pipe, that links your supply pipe to our water mains.

If you see a leak in the road or pavement, report it to us

Your pipes

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for the water supply pipe that runs from the boundary of your property into your home. Your supply pipe is usually under private land, like your garden or driveway.

You're also responsible for all your internal pipes, appliances and fittings. For example, toilets, taps, showers, water tanks and washing machines.

Once a leak on your property is confirmed, it's your legal responsibility to arrange repair within four weeks. View our guide to fixing leaks at home

Pipes within the property boundary are the property owner's responsibility. Pipes outside that are Thames Water's responsibility.

Tenants and landlords

If you're a tenant, your landlord is responsible for fixing leaks.

Please let your landlord or letting agent know about the problem as soon as possible. It's best to inform them in writing and keep a copy for reference. 

Shared supply

Sometimes a single supply pipe serves more than one property. This is more common when buildings are close together, such as on a terraced street. In this case, you and your neighbours have joint responsibility for maintaining the shared part of the pipe and any associated costs. We don't get involved in third party disputes.

You'll also still be responsible for leak repair if your supply pipe crosses land belonging to someone else, such as a neighbour’s property or the road.

Financial support

We understand that many of our customers may experience financial difficulties, which can make it difficult to pay for leak repair. If you've registered for one of our financial support schemes or priority services register, we may be able to help.

Check if you're eligible for financial support.

If you aren't sure what to do, please get in touch. Our friendly team can help you find the right solution.