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How we bill you if you don't have a meter

Your bill will arrive between February and March each year. It will tell you what you need to pay for fresh water and wastewater for the year ahead.

As you don’t have a water meter, we’ll work out your clean and wastewater charges based on the rateable value of your property.

Some customers are billed by our assessed household charge instead. Please see below for details.

What is rateable value?

Rateable value is set by the government based on your home’s location and size. It varies from house to house, so yours might be different from your neighbour’s. The Government froze RV in 1990 after introducing council tax, so yours won’t change.

For each £1 of your property’s RV, we’ll charge a rate for fresh water and wastewater. These rates change based on where you live and are measured in pence.

You can view details of rateable values across our region in our Household Charges Scheme.

What are fixed charges?

Your fixed charge covers some of our essential running costs, like maintaining pipes and handling enquiries. We update these charges each year.

Until 31 March 2022, everyone without a water meter will pay £37.56 for water fixed charges and £62.79 for wastewater charges. For the 2022-23 charging year, which starts on 1 April 2022, everyone without a water meter will pay £39.05 for water fixed charges and £62.81 for wastewater charges.

If you qualify for a surface water drainage rebate, your wastewater fixed charge is reduced to £36.13 for 2021/22 and £34.86 from 1 April 2022.

How do you use rateable value, rates and fixed charges to calculate my bill?

First, we multiply the RV by the rate for clean water and wastewater. You can find the RV for your property on your bill.

From 1 April 2022, if Phil’s house has an RV of 100, his clean water rate is 112.68p and his wastewater rate is 76.54p, the calculation to work out his bill will be:

RV of £100 x £1.1268 = £112.68 for water

RV of £100 x £0.7654 = £76.54 for waste

Fixed charges of £39.05 for water and £62.81 for waste = £101.86

In this case, Phil's total bill would be £291.08

Is your bill higher than expected?

As you don’t have a meter, it’s not possible to control the size of your bill by using less water. But there are a few things you can check. Our video explains more:

Check the date

We bill you once a year from 1 April to 31 March. If you forgot to open your account when you first moved in, it’s possible to receive a bill covering a longer period.

If you’re on our rateable value (RV) tariff

You can only switch from an RV tariff if you apply for a free water meter.

Many customers find they save money with a meter – especially if you have fewer people in your home than bedrooms. If you want one, it’s easy to request and we’ll fit it for free.

If you’re on our assessed household charge tariff

If you’re on our assessed household charge (AHC) tariff, it means you live in a home where a meter can’t be fitted. This tariff is based on the typical amount of water used by customers in homes with a similar number of bedrooms to yours. As you’re unable to have a water meter, we do all we can to make sure these charges are fair.

Check you’re being charged by the right number of bedrooms. This will be shown on your bill – if you live alone make sure you’re on our single occupier tariff. If it’s wrong, get in touch.