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Unmetered charges explained

We bill you once a year from 1 April to 31 March for fresh water and wastewater. As you don’t have a water meter, we’ll work out your clean and wastewater charges based on the rateable value of your property.

Rateable value

The government sets your rateable value based on your home’s location and size. It varies from house to house, so yours might be different from your neighbour’s. You can find the RV for your property on your bill.

For each £1 of your property’s RV, we’ll charge a rate for fresh water and wastewater. You can view details of rateable values across our region in our household charges scheme.

Assessed household charges 

If we've tried but can't fit a meter at your home, we'll bill you using our assessed household chargeWe'll bill you once a year from 1 April to 31 March for fresh water and wastewater.

Notional value

If there's no rateable value, we use a notional value instead. We work out what this should be by referring to the rateable values of similar properties in the same area.
Your property may not have its own rateable value because it:

  • didn’t have one on 31 March 1990
  • the property has been created since 31 March 1990 by dividing one or more properties, or merging two or more

  • has been developed so the property floor space is at least 50% more than before

  • is not typical of other similar properties with a rateable value of less than £50

Fixed charges

Once we’ve worked out your clean water and wastewater charges, we’ll add fixed charges. These fixed charges cover some of our essential running costs, like maintaining pipes and handling enquiries.

2024-25 Charging year from 1 April 2024
Water fixed charges £51.92 per year
Wastewater charges £82.93 per year

Qualifying for surface water drainage rebate
Wastewater charges £45.55 per year

On average, customers without meters will see an increase of 12.1% in 2024-25.

How we calculate your bill

First, we multiply the rateable value (A) by the rate for clean water (B). We will then multiply the rateable value (A) by your wastewater (C). Your fixed charges are then added together (D + E).
All three individual calculations are then combined to make your bill total.

Example property
A) Rateable value of £100 B) Clean water rate - 139.92p £100 x £1.3992 = £139.92
A) Rateable value of £100 C) Wastewater rate - 93.05p £100 x £0.9305 = £93.05
D) Water fixed charge - £51.92 E) Waste fixed charge - £82.93 £51.92 + £82.93 = £134.85
Bill total: £367.82

If you’ve recently moved in, you should receive your first bill within ten working days. We’ll charge you from the date you move in until the end of March the following year.

Switch to a water meter

You can only switch from an RV tariff if you apply for a free water meter. Many customers find they save money with a meter – especially if you have fewer people in your home than bedrooms.

Mechanical water meter in cupboard

Single occupier tariff

If you're billed using our assessed household charge, and you live alone, we can pop you on our cheaper single occupier tariff. This tariff doesn't apply for a single parent with children at the same address. We may ask you for proof of single occupancy.