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Unmetered customers

How we bill you if you don't have a meter

How you're charged

We’ll work out your bill using your property’s ‘chargeable value’, which is based on things like your home’s location and size. If you want to pay for the exact amount of water you use we recommend a water meter. 

If you’ve previously us asked for a meter but we couldn’t fit one, we'll work out your bill using our Assessed Household Charge. This is based on the average amount of water that metered customers use in properties like yours.

Your charges for 2020/2021

Most unmetered customers will see their 2020/21 bill go up a little bit, typically by around 20p a week - that’s about £10 for the year. Want to take control of your bills and only pay for the water you use? Learn more about getting a water meter.

Want to know what we spend your money on? Find out where your money goes.

Just in case you have more questions, we've put together a guide to explain.

Don’t forget that if your bill covers the period before 1 April 2020, we'll have used our 2019/20 charges to work out what you need to pay.

Common billing questions