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Assessed household charge

You’ll only qualify for assessed household charges if we’ve attempted to fit a meter at your property but have been unable to do so.

This might happen for example when customers living in a block of flats have a shared hot water system or when complicated plumbing means that installing a meter wouldn’t be practical or would be unreasonably expensive.

How we work out your bill

We’ll work out your bill based on the typical amount of water used by customers with a similar number of bedrooms to you.


The number of bedrooms at your property is the number you’d quote if marketing the property for rent or sale. For example, a bedroom currently being used as an office would still be classed as a bedroom.


If you’ve not told us the number of bedrooms or that you're a single occupier, we’ll apply the charge for a three-bedroom property. If you later provide this information, we’ll amend the charge from the date we receive it.


Single occupier tariff

The single occupier tariff applies when
only one person is living at the property. This doesn’t apply for a single parent with children at the same address. We may ask you for proof of single occupancy.

Assessed household charges for 2024/25

We’ll bill you once a year from 1 April to 31 March for fresh water and wastewater.

 Number of bedrooms Fresh water Wastewater
 0/1 bedroom  £174.03
 2 bedrooms  £189.54 £114.22
 3 bedrooms  £218.64 £131.75
 4 bedrooms  £241.80 £145.71
 5 or more bedrooms  £272.62 £164.29
 Single occupier  £140.33 £84.57

Once we’ve worked out your fresh water and wastewater charges, we’ll add fixed charges of £51.92 for fresh water and £82.93 for wastewater. These fixed charges cover some of our essential running costs, like maintaining pipes and handling enquiries.

Please contact us if your bill doesn't look correct and let us know why. We may ask you to provide proof of the number of bedrooms.