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As a business, it's our responsibility to protect and enhance the environment. 

We rely on natural resources to provide our service. We also want to ensure our communities enjoy rivers and waterways for years to come. So, reducing harmful pollutions is vital for us and our customers.

Improving our impact on the environment is one of our key themes. From river health to sustainable drainage, we're investing in programmes to achieve this.

We also have policies and plans to manage climate change and environmental duties.

An artists impression of the proposed reservoir

Protecting our environment

These initiatives aim to reduce pollution and improve our impact on the environment. 

Friends having a picnic by a river

River health

Find out how we're working hard to stop untreated sewer discharges.

View river health

River Chess, smarter water catchment

Smarter water catchments

We're working with stakeholders to improve water quality at the source.

View catchment plans

Sustainable drainage system, Swales and Meadow

Surface water management

Our surface water management programme aims to provide sustainable drainage solutions.

View surface water plans

Trucks spreading fertiliser in a field

Renewable energy

We're recycling our sewage sludge, turning it into renewable energy.

View sewage sludge plans

Crops in a field

ThamesGrow fertiliser

ThamesGrow is a nutrient-rich fertiliser, made from organic matter.

View ThamesGrow

Person putting wet wipe in the bin

Bin it, don't block it

Find out how you can avoid blockages at your home. 

View blockage advice

Our environmental responsibilities

Learn what we're doing to become a more environmentally responsible business.

Bird watching cabin by a reservoir


Learn more about how we're becoming more sustainable.

View sustainability

Industrial digesters to promote net zero carbon

Net zero carbon

Find out how we're reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

View net zero carbon plans

People watering their garden

Climate change

Managing the impacts of climate change on our business is essential. 

View climate change report

Butterfly on a leaf


We work to protect and enhance wildlife habitats through conservation activities.

View biodiversity

Wroughton reservoir

UN goals

We're working hard to make the world more sustainable by 2030.

View UN goals