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Water fountains

In the UK, 16 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills, rivers and oceans every single day so as part of our drive to create a better future for London- and our planet, we’re working with the Mayor of London to offer 100 new drinking water fountains across the Capital. Our drinking water fountain campaign is the biggest single-use plastic reduction initiative of any city across the UK.

Each fountain is topped with a distinctive blue water droplet and they're open all hours, so you can join the refill revolution by carrying a reusable bottle and filling it up whenever you see a fountain.

A picture of a white water fountain with a blue top in a London street.

Find a fountain

Why not find a fountain when you’re next strolling around London and help reduce the use of plastic. Simply use the interactive map below or look out for the iconic drop and try our tap water fountains yourself. Did you know? The hard water supplied across our region contains naturally occurring minerals, including magnesium and calcium, meaning you’ll be looking after your health as well as your pocket!

If reducing plastic use in your daily life isn’t enough of a driver, read six other reasons to top-up with Thames Water, next time you’re in London:

  1. Our oceans - Every second, around 185 single-use plastic bottles end up in landfills, rivers and oceans across the UK. If we carry on like this, there’ll be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.
  2. Our planet - Producing and transporting one litre of bottled water creates 500 times more CO2 than tap water.
  3. Taste - In blind taste tests, most people can’t tell the difference between tap and bottled, with tap even topping some tests.
  4. Quality - We run half a million tests every year to maintain our world-class water, much more than the tests on bottled water.
  5. Your Health - Our tap water contains naturally occurring minerals like magnesium and calcium – which are good for your heart and bones.
  6. Your wallet - Bottled water is around 500 times more expensive than tap water

Six reasons to enjoy tap water infographic