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Catherine Green

Director of HR

Catherine Green was appointed as Director of HR in August 2023.


Catherine is a respected and influential HR leader and key part of our turnaround plan.

Focusing on transformation and change, her role will include:

  • Directing the business and leadership effectiveness workstreams
  • Simplification and removal of redundant time
  • Driving positive behaviours


Catherine started at Thames in April 2021 and became Director of HR in August 2023.

Before Thames Water, Catherine worked as a senior executive for BP and Citigroup. She delivered a two-year HR modernisation programme for BP's biofuels business in Brazil. She also worked with DiDi to scale 200 electric vehicle charging sites across China. 

Catherine enjoys seeing how big business affects local communities in a positive way. She's also part of the Energy Institutes HR subcommittee. With an interest in energy transition, she's one of many voices across the sector exploring sustainability.

Catherine Green - Director of HR