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Mitchell Sterne being presented with a scale model crane infront of Emerson delivery truck

Bromley man encourages community to join Priority Services Register

13/07 13:00

A young man with learning disabilities is encouraging his community to sign up to the Priority Services Register.

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A stopper device used to inspect sewers

Blow-up bags help Thames Water reduce sewer flooding

09/07 14:39

New blow-up bags which temporarily block the flow of wastewater in sewers so they can be safely inspected for fatbergs or cracks are helping Thames Water reduce flooding.

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Thames Water representative at customer's house

Kidney patients join Priority Services Register

06/07 13:30

Thames Water has partnered with the National Kidney Federation to help 350 people access extra support should their water supply be interrupted

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Poster celebrating women in engineering at Thames Water

Thames Water celebrates women in engineering

03/07 09:56

Female engineers at Thames Water have shared their stories to mark International Women in Engineering Day.
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Two Thames Water engineers inside a tunnel

Thames Water annual results 2019-2020

30/06 06:00

Thames Water Utilities Ltd announces results for full year ending March 31, 2020 

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One of the twelve major London sewers cleared of debris last year

Fatbergs weighing more than three blue whales cleared in record London sewer clean-up

26/06 10:01

Giant masses of fat, wet wipes and even solid concrete weighing more than three blue whales have been cleared from London’s sewers in the last year.

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A water pipe was damaged by developers working on a house

Thames Water reinvests £3 million from third party damage claims

15/06 13:52

Thames Water has recovered almost £3 million in the last year after sewers, drains and water pipes were damaged by third party work.

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Faringdon STW upgrade

£3.6 million upgrade to Faringdon sewage works

11/06 16:00

A 1960s-built sewage treatment works in Oxfordshire has been given a £3.6 million upgrade by Thames Water to protect the environment and serve a growing population.

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The New River bridge in Hoddesdon

Thames Water’s £5m upgrade for bridge over vital water supply

09/06 15:38

Thames Water is investing almost £5 million to create a wider bridge over a 400-year-old aqueduct that will ease traffic congestion in a busy part of Hertfordshire.

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Engineers inspect a smart meter

Leakage plummets after smart water network upgrades

05/06 10:33

Londoners with smart meters have helped Thames Water achieve the industry’s biggest reduction in leakage this century.

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sailing boats on a reservoir under cloudy skies

Lockdown emergency funds help clubs and charities

03/06 10:11

Thames Water has set up a new relief fund to provide financial support to its community partners during the coronavirus pandemic.

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water dripping from a leaking tap at home

DIY plumbers fix lockdown leaks

01/06 09:29

People have saved thousands of litres of water during lockdown by fixing loos and dripping taps.

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