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Water fountains

An update on our new water fountains

Your health is of paramount important to us. In these challenging times, we’ve decided to close our public fountains and pause the installation of new ones in London – here’s why.

We’re prioritising essential services

Right now, what’s most important to us is making sure you have access to safe, high-quality drinking water at home. If you’re poorly or self-isolating, it’s more important than ever that your taps keep flowing so you can stay hydrated and wash your hands without leaving the house.

By pausing installation on our new fountains, we can free up our teams on the ground to support with your essential day-to-day services and respond to any emergencies that may occur.

We want to safeguard your health

While coronavirus isn’t a waterborne virus, closing our existing fountains is a precautionary measure to minimise any risk, however small, of cross-contamination.

We’ve always supplied our fountains with the highest quality drinking water, just like your taps. We also inspect and clean them regularly to make sure they meet our strict health, safety and hygiene standards. However, in this unprecedented situation, we’d prefer to take every preventive step we can to protect you as well as our teams from exposure.

We’d like to reassure you that the risk of catching coronavirus at a public water fountain is very low. If you’re refilling elsewhere, please be mindful of basic hygiene advice, including:

  • Not sharing your reusable bottle with anyone else.
  • Cleaning reusable bottles with warm, soapy water between each use.
  • Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds more often.

We’re following government guidelines

We’re taking proactive steps to adhere to the government’s guidelines around social distancing to protect older people and vulnerable adults.

While we’re all being asked to stay home, avoid non-essential travel and limit face-to-face interaction, we’re putting a hold on non-essential services like our fountains programme and instead prioritising our essential services for your community.

We hope to get our fountains back up and running very soon. Thank you for your understanding.

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