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Household debt support

We may call you from  0800 009 3815 to discuss your account with you if you are unable to pay your bill. If you miss a call from this number, you can use it to call us back directly. 

If you are in debt and are struggling to pay your bill, our debt support service Breathing Space could help. We also have a range of organisations who provide debt advice.

Breathing space 

When you join Breathing Space, we won't chase you for payment for at least 60 days. We'll work with you and or your debt advisor on a manageable payment plan. We may still be in touch about essentials, for example, if we're working in your area. 

To join the scheme, you’ll need to talk through your financial situation with a debt adviser.

Organisations that can help

We have a range of organisations that can help provide debt advice

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice can help with money, legal and consumer support advice.

Visit Citizens Advice website 


StepChange can help with debt and money management support and advice.

Visit StepChange website


PayPlan can help with debt advice, especially for anyone with multiple debts.

Visit PayPlan website


MoneyHelper can help with debt advice and tools for managing budgets.

Visit MoneyHelper website 


Turn2us can help with welfare benefits and charitable grant support.

Visit Turn2us website

For tips on how to save money and financial advice, check out the Martin Lewis Podcast on BBC Sounds.