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Getting a standpipe

We allow licensed commercial customers to remove water from standpipes for building, road cleaning, graffiti removal or landscaping work. To use a standpipe on our water network, you need to have a licence. You must also hire a metered standpipe from our service provider, Aquam.

Standpipe licence

You can apply for a licence to cover daily, monthly or annual usage. Licence charges are payable in advance and depend on:

  • Estimated daily use.
  • The size of the standpipe.
  • The period for which the licence is required.

All charges are calculated on an application for a licence.

Standpipe hire

We want to protect our network and ensure that only standpipes meeting the required legal standard are used so customers don’t have to purchase or rent their own.

Aquam has offices in Uxbridge. You can either collect and return from there, or they deliver and collect for an additional cost.

Please note:

  • Only metered standpipes issued by Aquam will be authorised to be connected to our network.
  • Annual standpipe rental is payable in advance. Monthly and daily rental is invoiced retrospectively.
  • All standpipes are fitted with a backflow prevention device in the form of a BS6282 double check valve.
  • Water from a standpipe should not be consumed or used in food preparation.
  • All fire hydrants in public streets and highways are our responsibility.
  • Please report to Aquam on 0844 381 4909 if you have faulty or leaking equipment.
  • Charges will apply if you're found using a standpipe without permission.
  • We reserve the right to tell you not to use any specified hydrants due to operational needs or in the event of a drought.
  • Fire services have direct access to fire hydrants/standpipes and can use them free of charge for firefighting and training purposes.

Weekly metered standpipe hire charges

Size 1-13 Weeks 13-51 Weeks Annual pre-paid
22mm £30 per week £26.25 £780
40mm £55 per week £48.75 £1230
60mm £55 per week £48.75 £1230
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