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Osney Bridge, OX2

Ongoing repairs

Last updated: 26/07 18:11

Our work to repair a leaking water pipe beneath Osney Bridge in Botley Road is continuing to schedule.
This includes installing a temporary supply to allow us to bypass the pipe, which was damaged when a boat hit it, and carry out a permanent repair.
We’d like to apologise for the disruption caused by this lengthy and complicated work. We’re very aware that it’s a busy route, with many residents living close to the site, and we’re working as quickly as we can to complete the fix. 
The leaking pipe supplies 22,000 properties, and we need to make the repair without taking it out of service.
At first, we’d planned to supply customers via another part of our pipe network. Regrettably, after lengthy investigations and trial repairs we found we were unable to do this. As a result, we’ve had to close one lane of the bridge.
We’re on course to reopen it by late August. We know how very inconvenient this is, and don’t want to stay there any longer than necessary.
Our team will be carrying out a lot of activity around the bridge over the next few days, fixing valves and installing new sections of pipework. 
We realise it can be frustrating not to see staff on the bridge at all times – but we need to keep the lane shut to allow site deliveries and checks to the pipework, as well as ensuring safe working conditions.
We know this is disruptive for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians using the bridge, and that the noise and traffic are unpleasant for local residents. Thank you for bearing with us while we carry out this complicated repair – your patience is much appreciated.
This image shows the new pipe which will bypass the damaged section

This image shows the new pipe which will bypass the damaged section.

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