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Sensitive customers

We’ve got a range of services to help you identify, register and manage sensitive customers. For more information about our services and tariffs, please see our wholesale service offering and wholesale tariff document.

As a guideline, we classify the following as sensitive customers:

  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Educational establishments (including special needs schools)
  • Farms and abattoirs (with commercial livestock)
  • Vulnerable domestic customers sharing a supply with a non-household customer premises.
  • Sole traders who are sick, elderly, or disabled
  • Care homes and nursing homes, where eligible

If you identify that one of your non-household customers is sensitive, please let us know using the appropriate market transactions. We also ask you to provide us with a site-specific arrangement using this template.

For more information regarding sensitive customers, please see our wholesale service offering and our site-specific arrangements code of practice. You can find these in the document library.