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Education and learning

Education and learning

Our comprehensive education programme includes educational school trips to our sewage treatment works, talks in schools, and free online resources.

The water cycle

See how water forms in clouds and ends up as water that you can drink and wash with, and what happens to it once you have used it.

photograph of a child drinking from a tap

The water treatment process

Photograph of technician working on control panel

The sewage treatment process

photograph of children on site at a sewage treatment works

Visiting our sewage treatment works

Unfortunately our programme of educational site visits is currently unavailable due to coronavirus. We’re working hard to return these visits as soon as possible. We hope to see you again from Autumn/Winter 2020, and although we can’t currently confirm visits, we welcome your enquiries for September onwards.

Our education centres are a great way to help our customers understand what really happens to the water and sewage processed in our water treatment works. Our comprehensive education programme includes a fun, interactive tour of our sewer treatment as well as some classroom time learning about the water cycle and the environment. All trips to our education centres are free and our experienced team will tailor the session to your groups’ individual needs, whether it’s a Key Stage 2 class or a Scouts group

We have a number of free and accessible treatment sites to visit across our region in Didcot, Dartford, Enfield, Kingston, Maple Cross and Slough, as well as our angling academy in Walthamstow.

If you’re looking to book a trip to one of our centres, please email us, stating which centre you’d like to explore and your preferred date range of 3 days.

Visits typically run from 10 am to 2 pm, with a lunch break included. Please bring your own packed lunches. Our centres can accommodate up to 32 children for each visit and for safety reasons all children must be aged seven or over.

Request a visit from our community speakers

Unfortunately our community speakers are not visiting schools due to coronavirus. We are taking advantage of online platforms with a range of education partners to deliver talks at the moment, and these are often publicised on Facebook and Twitter.

Our volunteer community speakers can also visit your school, leading educational assemblies and session programmes for Key Stage 1 to 5. We tailor all school visits to suit your current school curriculum and If your school is in our region, the visit is free.

If you’d like to book one of our experienced speakers to visit your school to present to the pupils, please download the form below and email it to our team.

Have you ever wondered how your water gets from the reservoir to your tap? Or how much water you use every day – and where it goes when you’ve finished with it?

We have loads of exciting ideas to get pupils exploring water, along with teacher resources that support the curriculum - from geography and science, to literacy and numeracy.

Fit to drink

Watch this video to understand why drinking water is so important to keep us fit and healthy.

From tap to toilet

Watch this video to understand how drinking water and sewage is treated, and how we’re able to create energy from your waste!


Secondary schools and further education

Our extensive BTEC resources and tools designed to support secondary schools in a number of different ways. We’re always keen to support education in the STEM subjects; science, technology, engineering and maths, and they’re relationship with the world of water and water use. We recognise it’s not always easy for teachers and lecturers to bring industry examples into the classroom, so we’ve produced some simple materials to help. Choose from five download resource packs that have been designed to support BTEC Level 1 and 2 awards in Engineering and in Business.

Further online resources

We recommend visiting the Thames Tideway Tunnel website which offers loads of great presentations, teachers’ notes and student packs for both primary and secondary school as well as further education students.