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Relocating pipework

You’ll by now have received a C4 detailed estimate from us and should have modified your scheme where possible to minimise any effect it has on our pipes and equipment. If you still intend to proceed with your scheme, you’ll need to send us a formal C5 notification of your ‘Intention to Proceed’.

This needs to be set out in a letter, which you can either email to the address from which you received your detailed estimate or send to us at:

Thames Water Strategic Partnering
Clearwater Court
Vastern Road

Your letter should confirm that, as the qualifying authority, you are claiming the cost-sharing arrangements, if applicable. You’ll also need to include:

  • A summary of your scheme.
  • Confirmation of the client, and the source and proportion of funding from highways (or other) budget.
  • A detailed programme for the works, incorporating our contractor’s timescales (included in your C4 detailed estimate).
  • Final drawings in .pdf and CAD formats.
  • Your updated F10 Health & Safety at Work Act Notification of Project (as applicable).
  • Your contractor’s final Health & Safety at Work Act Health & Safety Plan.
  • For more complex schemes, or those involving multiple or distinct phases, confirmation that the qualifying authority intends to make staged payments.
  • A cheque or purchase order (to prompt an invoice from us so that you can make a BACS transfer).

Alternatively, you can place an order with us to secure the works, but in this case the costs incurred will be fully rechargeable.

Please note that the cost-sharing arrangements only apply to mains diversions and not to certain temporary diversions, relocations of fire hydrants, non-‘like-for-like’ or enabling works, or mains enhancements for building water and/or concrete batching.

For more complex schemes, or those involving multiple or distinct phases, we can provide periodic cost reports on request.

What we’ll do

Once we’ve received your notice, together with payment/order, we’ll start producing contract documents and place orders with our contractors. We will provide our scheme drawings, showing how we’ll divert our pipes and where we intend to reconnect them, aligning with your scheme proposals where we can. We’ll then arrange discussions and co-operate as far as is practically possible to arrive at a programme that suits your timescales and ours.

Please note that our contractors will work under your Health & Safety regime to protect and move our pipes and other equipment. So, you'll need to let us know who will be the Principal Contractor under the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.