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Reduce your wastewater bill

For most customers, there’s a small difference between the amount of water you use and the amount of wastewater that returns to our sewers. For example, water used in gardening won’t be flushed down your drain.

As we can’t measure the exact volume of returned wastewater, we don’t base your bill on the amount you return. Instead, we reduce our wastewater charges to allow for the mismatch. We assume that only 90% of your clean water is returned to our sewers. This 10% difference is called a Wastewater Abatement and is reflected in our wastewater charges.

If you have a water meter and can prove that more than 10% of the water you use doesn’t return to our sewers for treatment, you can apply to reduce the cost of your bill even further.

If you apply to reduce the cost of your wastewater bill, we’ll get back to you within six working days. If you have more than one property, please use a new form each time you apply.

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