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Rats, rodents and pest control

Rodents around your home can be very unpleasant. If rodents are present in sewers affecting your property we'll work with local authorities, private pest control companies and the Environment Agency to resolve the issue.

What can cause rodents?

Sewers are ideal habitats for rats to either nest or use as a network to get around.

Excess food waste can attract rodents. If there are defects in the sewer this can lead to rodents moving between above and below ground. The more urban an area, the more likely it is that rodents will nest in sewers.

Rodents can be a recurring issue as:

  • Population recovery of rats is high. Depending on the success of baiting, it's possible for populations to recover within 6 months.
  • Rats can burrow and gnaw through most materials; damaging sewer lines causing and worsening defects.
  • Rats will move readily between surface and sewer. Working closely with local authorities and/or pest control is therefore essential.
  • Rats move easily through the network and between manholes; new rat colonies can quickly move in.

What to do

Some local authorities will offer a pest control service, but most will simply offer advice. We’d advise that you contact them to find out what the next steps are. You can arrange for a private pest control service to find where the rodents are coming from. If the rodents are coming from above ground, you'll need to organise appropriate baiting and control.

What we can do for you

If it’s confirmed that rats are coming from our sewers, we’ll lay bait underground. If the sewer has a problem that we're responsible for, we’ll lay bait until repairs are finished.