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5 reasons to sign up for priority services

It’s free!

It’s not often you get something for nothing, so take advantage and sign up for free.

Early warning

Sometimes we need to turn off your water supply to fix problems with our pipes. If you’ve signed up to the priority services register, we’ll give you early warning if we need to turn your water off.

Dedicated phone line

Get access to our dedicated phone line and speak to one of our friendly team for water and waste emergencies.

Water straight to your door

If you’re medically dependent on water, on dialysis, or have restricted mobility, our teams will give you extra help during emergencies by hand-delivering water to you. We’ll also give you more notice of planned works.

Password protection

If you feel uncomfortable answering the door or the phone, we can arrange a unique password to protect you from bogus callers.

Our priority services register is a great way to get extra help and support from us. It’s available to everyone that meets our eligibility criteria.

Sign up to priority services