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Getting a new water main

You'll need a new water main as well as new water connections if there's no water main nearby for us to connect to. This work can either be carried out by us or by self-lay providers.

Due to the time we need to process applications, we can only guarantee issuing quotes for new water mains under the current financial year’s charging arrangements up until 19 February of that year. In each case, the application must be complete and require no further information.

We can’t guarantee that any applications submitted after those dates will be issued under that year’s charging arrangements.

If you’ve not begun work, you can request a requote under the following year’s charges after 31 March. Please note that a requote fee will be applicable.

Before you apply

Apply below to ask us to carry out the work. You can also employ independent specialist contractors, self-lay providers, to carry out the new main and service connections.

Have you got planning permission?

If you haven’t got this yet we can provide a budget estimate for installing the new mains and services. The ‘Submit an application’ section below details how to go about this.

Get your water main connected

Here’s the process for laying a new water main and connecting new water services. If you’re connecting a non-household property, you’ll need to appoint a retailer first.

New water services

After your new water main has been commissioned, you'll need to request the service connections. Here’s a step-by-step guide.