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New connection charging

Our 2020/21 charges

Our charging arrangements for new connection services 2020/21 outline charges for many of our services.

They’re supported by our assurance statement and our statement of significant change. This sets out any significant changes in our charging policy and the impact on typical developments. You can also read our infrastructure charges for 2020/21.

Historical charges

You can see our charges for 2019/20 in our Charging arrangements for new connection services 2019/20, which are supported by our assurance statement.

Our 2019/20 calculator used the charges that applied during that period to estimate our financial contribution towards new water mains and sewers (the income offset or asset payment, removed from 1 April 2020). We’ve virus-scanned this file using ESET Smart Security (produce version with the virus signature database up to date). Please follow your standard security procedures when downloading from the internet.

Our charges for the previous year are shown in our Charging arrangements for new connection services 2018/19, which are supported by this assurance statement.

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