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Self-laying new mains and services

Choose from our most popular self-lay topics


Find out everything you need to do to when planning your development.

Apply for mains design

Learn about designing and connecting to mains, including information on materials, construction and technical drawings.

Codes for Adoption

As an accredited self-lay provider, you’ll need to refer to the Codes for Adoption.

Where our pipes are

Check our map to see if your development is within the area we supply.

Source of water connections

Learn about how we’ve opened up this non-contestable work stream, and the restrictions that apply.

Service levels

Learn about the 12 performance measures we report against, and what we’ll do if we fail to meet our targets.

Authorisation numbers

Learn when and how we provide authorisation for self-lay providers working on our existing assets.

Water quality and commissioning

Learn about commissioning your mains and services, water quality and inspections.


Learn about internal and external meters, and the installation process.

Next steps

Learn about the next steps in the process once you've laid the mains and fittings. 

News and information

Learn about recent developments, read our newsletters and find out how we handle your information.