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Overview: self-laying new mains and services

You’ll need to apply for a new water main and service water connections if: 

  • Your development includes building new roads
  • There's no existing water main to connect to

When planning your development, you can choose the right installer for your needs. This might not be us. Independent self-lay providers (SLPs) or new appointment variations (NAVs) could be more cost-effective. They may also offer more flexible timescales and installation of multiple utilities.

Types of work an SLP can do

Some services can be completed by SLPs, developers, retailers, sewerage contractors or NAVs. These are called ‘contestable services'. They include most of the work needed for a new development. For example, installing or diverting water mains and making service connections.

Other services in our area, and higher risk projects, can only be carried out by us. These are known as ‘non-contestable services’. You can read more in our Annual Contestability Summary.

Choosing a Self-Lay Provider (SLP)

SLPs must hold the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) accreditation. Find a list of approved SLPs.

They must complete the works under the:

View a full list of documents for your application.

How we work with SLPs

We always support customers who choose to self-lay. We work with SLPs to improve our partnership and deliver you the best service. All our customers receive the same level of service.

We’re required to provide connections at cost, so we don’t make any profit from new water mains.

Find out how to apply

Our pre-planning enquiry process explains how to apply for a self-lay provider.