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Water saving rewards

If you have a smart water meter, you could get rewarded for reducing your water usage each week.

A mum helps her child to brush their teeth in the bathroom.

Our partnership with Greenredeem means that you’ll get a detailed view of your water use each week. You can use the data to take part in activities about saving water and how to reduce your water bill.

By saving water, you can help a charity, redeem a gift card, or win prizes such as a new TV or iPad. It only takes a few minutes to register your household to get set up.

You could save around 10 litres per day. It might not sound like very much but it's more than 45 bathtubs of water per year, so it soon adds up!

“Having received first prize in the prize draw is an unexpected & exciting bonus. Now I need to ensure to recycle my very old tablet!”
Pauline Hamilton, Greenredeem member.

To start saving water and getting rewarded, all you need to do is register for Greenredeem.

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