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Across our region

Heavy rain and flooding

Last updated: 19/04 05:23

There's flooding across our region due to continued heavy rainfall.

Our sewer system is overwhelmed by flood water from rain, rivers and groundwater. This is causing sewer flooding in some places.

It also means that storm overflows are discharging into rivers more frequently. So that wastewater doesn't get back into people's homes.

Affected areas

E.coli concerns

E.coli is a widespread naturally occurring organism in the environment. It's likely to be present in much of the wider floodwater that is currently affecting the area.

This can come from a variety of sources including:

  • Animal faeces
  • Agricultural waste
  • Road run off
  • Sewage

View Public Health England website on dealing with flooding.

What we're doing

  • Talking to local councils in our area
  • Responding as fast as we can to reported problems
  • Monitoring impact on our rivers with the Environment Agency

We're working hard to make wastewater discharges unnecessary and investing to upgrade over 250 of our sites.

View our long-term sewer flooding prevention plan and river health plan.

How to get help

Check our storm discharge map for updates on discharges in your area.

We also offer a range of support services for customers who need extra help.


Different organisations manage different types of flooding. Find out who to contact, so you get the right help first time.

Infographic showing the organisations responsible for different types of flooding