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NAV setup

In order to make your application to Ofwat for the new appointment, you’ll need some information from us as the incumbent water and/or wastewater company. Our NAV service offering describes how you can request this. If you’re looking to make a bulk connection with our network(s), we can also help you set up the bulk agreement(s), arrange for any site-work and set you up as our customer.

A site will be eligible for applying for a new appointment and variation if it is:

  • Unserved;
  • For a large user;
  • Given consent by the incumbent water and/or wastewater company.

For more information on how to apply for a new appointment or variation please see the Ofwat guidance.

Ordering services

You can apply for services using the NAV portal or the forms below. Please see our User Guide for help navigating into the portal.

NAV portal login

You can request access to the Portal by clicking on the NAV Portal Link and providing the information required. Our contracts and account management team will then create a user account for you and send your login details.

You can also request services by emailing us either a Setting up a clean water bulk supply for new appointments and variations (NAVs) form or a Setting up a wastewater bulk discharge for new appointments and variations (NAVs) form.

Tip: Download and save the relevant form, adding the name of the site to the filename. The form can be completed digitally, so there’s no need to print and scan paper copies. Also, the same form can be submitted for each service request, so you don’t have to fill out the same fields every time. If you'd like to discuss your form prior to submitting it, please contact Wholesale Market Services.

Consent services

Where the site is served at the time of appointment, you will need to ask us to consent for you to become the NAV for the site by completing a request form and providing supporting documents e.g. site plans and details of site phasing. For full details please see our NAV service offering and NAV tariff document.

Request for consent form

Data and logger services

You can ask us to provide data on a monthly basis or historical data for a particular time period. We can also facilitate fitting your data logger to the meter so that you can collect consumption data. For full details please see our NAV service offering and NAV tariff document.

Consumption data service request form

Data logging service request form


Where a NAV site does not discharge surface water from properties in part or in full and/or highways to our sewers, an abatement for surface water and/or highways drainage charges can be claimed based on pipe size. For further details please refer to our NAV tariff document.

Surface water and/or highways drainage abatement form

Here to help

We're always happy to help you with any enquiries or to hear your feedback.