Water efficiency for businesses

Water efficiency for businesses

We encourage everyone to use water efficiently and to help we offer a number of water saving initiatives. We’ve also got a team of engineers who work around the clock to reduce leakage and we’ll work with you to ensure leaks are repaired as quickly as possible.

How can we save water?

There’s simple step-by-step advice on how businesses can measure and improve the efficiency of water use in our free business advice pack on saving water.

Here’s some key advice to look at in the following areas:

  • Internal leakage and wastage – leaky loos, taps and pipes, water that's literally going straight down the drain, but the cost still gets added to the bill. We suggest you fix them to reduce extra cost on your water bill.
  • Urinal controls – urinals that flush 24/7 drastically increase your business’ water consumption. Sensor controls will reduce the frequency of flushing.
  • Staff behaviour – staff may not be aware of the significance of water wastage so work with them to identify water-wasting behaviour and encourage them to spot and report leaks.

Why water needs to be used more efficiently

We each use roughly a third more water than we did 30 years ago. Our region is classed as water-stressed by the Government — we need to conserve the water we have now, so there's enough to go around in the future. Our forecasts show that, if we do nothing, by 2020, there'll be a shortfall in the amount of water available.

Embracing water efficiency is good for all of us. It helps save on water and energy bills and helps protect the local environment.

Retail providers

We want to help you and your customers to a use water efficiently and to save it where possible. We’ll work with you to select sites where efficiency can be improved based on consumption levels and where we believe there is potential to reduce demand. Our water efficiency team can then offer two programmes of work, water efficiency audits and smarter business visits.

Water efficiency audits

We identify customers who we believe have the greatest potential to save water. We’ll share this information with you and work with you to confirm the customer details. If a site has been flagged on our priority list we’ll audit the customer’s water efficiency for free and where we can we’ll install efficiency devices. As a part of this programme, we may also recommend other water efficiency improvements that your customer can make.

Smarter business visit

We carry out a location-based smarter business programme. This helps customers to fit water-saving devices, identify and potentially fix leaking toilets and fit free urinal controls if practical. We may also recommend other water efficiency improvements that your customer can make.

Our goal is to work with everyone to reduce water wastage and we’ll keep you updated on any initiatives that we are deploying. Read more about our water efficiency plans.