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Water market reform

Since April 2017 water and wastewater services to business customers' premises have been split into wholesale and retail services. This allows non-household customers to choose their preferred retailer to buy their water and wastewater services, or if eligible, ‘self-supply’.

We're active members of the Retailer Wholesaler Group and we're working to align with their good practice guidance.

What does it mean?

Retailers are responsible for providing the customer-facing service. They will issue bills and dealing with customer contacts, queries and complaints. The wholesaler physically provides clean drinking water and/or wastewater services.

What if there’s a problem?

You should direct all billing enquiries to your retailer. If you're not sure who your retailer is, please visit Open Water.

You can still contact us in an emergency on 0800 316 9800.

What’s a non-household customer?

Anyone running a business or organisations in premises that aren’t principally a home. This includes businesses from factories to shops, churches, universities, charities and public sector organisations.

Does this mean I'm no longer a customer of Thames Water?

You’re still our customer for operational wholesale services. This means we still treat and transport your drinking water and/or remove and treat your wastewater.

Can I switch retailer?

Yes all non-household customers are able to switch retailer. For more information please visit Open Water.

Becoming a retailer

You'll need to have a Water Supply and Sewerage License (WSSL) from Ofwat. This lets you buy wholesale services to sell to your end customers. Contact us for further details or go to the Open Water website.