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Trunk and chemical sewers

Connecting to a trunk or chemical sewer is a major project and can be expensive. We’ll only allow this option if there are no other points of connection available and we’ll need to carry out this work ourselves.

Please note, we don’t allow connections to trunk sewers in Greater London.

1. Submit your online application

Apply online now 

2. We review your application

Our technical team will review your application and call you within 14 days to confirm the costs, survey requirements, and construction.

3. We carry out a site pre-condition survey

We’ll carry out a site condition survey to assess the feasibility and suitability of your proposal and send you the report. The consent to carry out the connection will then be issued.

4. We provide the connection quote

We’ll call you to discuss the pricing and schedule for your quote.

5. You pay the connection quote

You must pay the full amount on the quote in advance. You can do this online with your credit or debit card.

You can call us on 0800 009 3921 to discuss your quote or other payment options. Please have your reference number starting ‘DS’ handy.

6. We carry out the connection works

Once you’ve made payment, we’ll apply for the appropriate traffic management permits and carry out the connection works.

7. We carry out a site post-condition survey

Once we’ve made the connection, we’ll carry out another survey and issue a completion certificate. If any issues are found, we’ll be in touch to discuss this.

Connections to trunk or chemical sewers are charged differently to connections to local sewers. Please see Section 7 of our charging arrangements for more details.