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Sewers and wastewater

Apply for wastewater services

Apply and pay for our sewer and wastewater services. This includes adopting an existing or new sewer, building over or near to a sewer, diverting a sewer and more.

Illustration of Thames Water technicians

Using a self-lay provider

Self-lay providers could offer a cost and time effective solution for your construction programme.

Connecting to a sewer

Find out timescales, charges and other information about connecting your development to our public sewerage system.

Trade effluent

If you need to dewater sites, remove groundwater, or discharge any liquid waste from your construction work, you’ll need to apply for consent from our Trade Effluent Team.

Building over sewers or public drains

If you plan to build over or near our pipes you can easily apply for an agreement online.

Adopting a new or existing sewer

Speak to us about adopting a sewer or a pumping station, before you start construction.

Diverting or closing a sewer

If you need to alter or remove a public sewer on your development site, you can apply for a diversion.

Requisitioning a sewer

Your development may have no drainage to an existing public sewer because third party land is in the way. In this case, we can provide both a foul and surface water sewer to serve the site.