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Blockages in household pipes can be particularly nasty, stopping wastewater from leaving your property.

Your drains

All the toilets, sinks, baths and showers in your home empty into the same waste pipe where it flows into the sewers and on to our treatment works. This water is treated, cleaned and returned to local rivers and streams.

Signs of a blockage

Blockages in pipes can be nasty, stopping waste from leaving your property. You may have a blockage if:

  • You find it difficult to flush your toilet
  • Your sink or bath empties very slowly
  • You notice a bad smell coming from your drains.

When wastewater is unable to flow away it can come back up from the toilet or sink, flooding your home.

If you think there is a blockage or if your property has been flooded by our public sewer, please let us know:

Please call us on 0800 316 9800 and one of our team will be here to help, 24 hours a day.

This service is available for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please note, voice calls or mobile numbers aren’t accepted via this number: 0800 316 9800.
Available 24 hours a day.

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