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Sewer flooding

A manhole flooded by the sewer with red barrier around it

Help with sewer flooding

Flooding from a sewer is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. If it’s affected you, or you’re worried it might, we’ve got guidance to help.

We can only help you with sewer flooding, so it's important to know what kind of flood you're dealing with. Find out what to do when it floods and who can help with different types of flooding.

You'll be responsible for some waste pipes in and around your property, we're responsible for others. Knowing what causes sewer flooding can help prevent damage and costly repairs.

Types of flooding

Who you need to contact about flooding depends what kind it is. Learn about the four main types: river, surface-water, groundwater and sewer flooding.

Sewer flooding causes and responsibilities

Why do sewers flood and whose responsibility is it to fix the problem?

What to do when a sewer floods

Has your home been flooded by sewage? Our guide lists exactly what you need to do from start to finish.

Cleaning up after sewer flooding

We can remove sewer debris from your property for you or you can choose to do it yourself. Your insurance company should also be able to help. 


If you have damaged property, you'll need to contact your insurance provider. You might be covered by our Customer Guarantee Scheme (CGS) too.

Preventing sewer flooding

What is Thames Water doing to prevent sewer flooding from happening now and in the future? Find out how we're investing in sewer flooding prevention

Other organisations that can help

These organisations can help you prepare for, recover from and prevent flooding,