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Next steps in your water connection

Once you’ve got an approved quote and paid the fees, you can start the process of getting connected.

Choosing a plumber

You can use any plumber, but we recommend using someone who’s WaterSafe approved, as they can self-certify their work.

There are some legal regulations for your plumber to follow when installing your pipework. These are the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

If you’re not using a WaterSafe approved plumber, we’ll need to inspect your pipework to make sure they meet the legal requirements.

Learn more about water regulations and how to pass an inspection in this video.

Meeting the regulations

It’s important that your plumber lays the correct size and type of pipe at the location specified in your quotation.

If your plumber isn’t WaterSafe approved, please share this video with them to make sure they meet the regulations and the work passes inspection first time. 

Our inspection

Please call us on 0800 009 3921 to arrange an inspection. This will usually be within seven days. Our installation video explains what to do to get ready for an inspection.

If the work doesn’t meet the requirements, we’ll let you know how your plumber can resolve the issues. 

A second inspection can take up to seven days and we may charge extra for it.

Arranging the connection

Once you’ve provided us with your certification from a WaterSafe approved installer, or passed a water regulations inspection, you’ll be ready to connect to our water network if your pipe is less than 63mm in diameter.

If you’ve laid a pipe 63mm or over, you’ll need to complete a chlorination procedure. Your quote will tell you your pipe size, but the typical home needs a 25mm or 32mm connection, so in most cases this isn't required.

Within four working days, our delivery team will be in touch with the next steps.

To complete the works, we must establish an agreement with permitting stakeholders first. This could be the local authority or Transport for London if your works impacts on their network.  

We aim to complete your connection within four months of establishing this agreement. It can take longer if the work requires difficult or extensive traffic management.

Learn more about getting connected to our water network in this video.

Your billing account 

We’ll be in touch within 60 days to set you up with a new billing account.