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Getting a smart water meter

Smart water meters allow you to automatically track the amount of water you use. They also allow us to find and fix leaks more quickly.

We're fitting compulsory water meters for all our customers. We'll write to you when we're going to be fitting meters in your area. 

Where are we fitting meters?

Fitting a meter outside your property

If we're fitting your meter outside your property, we’ll try to fit it in the pavement. This means you don’t need to be there. We’ll write to you a week or so before we start working on your street.

The first time we visit will be to dig a hole and put a meter box in the ground. A few days later we'll come back and fit your meter. We may need to turn your water off for a few minutes, we'll let you know if you're in.

Fitting a meter inside your property

If we can't fit your meter outside, we'll need an appointment with you to find a location to fit the meter inside. If we’ve asked you to request an appointment, simply follow the steps to book. Please make sure you have your property reference number to hand. You can find it at the top of your letter.

On our visit, we’ll look for where the meter could go and show you what it looks like. The appointment to fit your meter will take around an hour. We may need to turn your water off for a few minutes.

If the meter's inside your property, we may also need to put in some extra small pipes around the meter. We'll always talk to you about this before we do any work.

What happens once my meter has been fitted?

We'll activate your meter

Once we’ve fitted your meter, we’ll write to you when it's activated. This will take up to 90 days and will be the start of your one-year comparison period.

One-year comparison

During this time, you can view your water use online. By signing up for an online account you can receive monthly e-mails about your water use during your comparison period. We'll also share some useful tips to save water.

We’ll also send you a comparison letter at 3, 6, and 10 months. These will allow you to compare your current water charges with what your bill might be, based on your meter readings. You can switch at any time during your one-year comparison period. If you find your metered bill is likely to be lower, why not switch early and take the credit.

Take the credit

If you switch to a metered bill before the end of your one-year comparison journey, we’ll credit your account with any money you would have saved if you had switched when we activated your meter. The credit will be backdated to the activation date of your meter.

Helping you save

We can offer you a free Smarter Home Visit, where our team of experts will help you save water and energy and reduce future bills. Meters make it easier to see how and where water is being used so we can all be as efficient as possible. Our research shows that customers on a meter typically use around 12% less water. Meters also allow us to spot leaks so we can fix them more quickly. Learn more about saving water.

Time to switch

After one year, if you haven’t already switched to a metered bill, we’ll move you over.

I’m worried my metered bill will be higher, what can I do?

We understand that, despite best efforts to use less water, for some customers bills will go up. We have a range of financial support options to help.

Stay smart online

Once your new smart meter has been installed, you can view regular updates about your water use online. Simply create an online account.  Once online, it’s easier than ever to pay your bill and change your contact details if you need to.

Checking for leaks

One of the great things about meters is that they show us if there are any leaks. Once your meter's fitted we’ll check remotely for leaks before activating it and starting you on your one-year comparison period.